‘Twas Calvary’s cross that held the Lord a dyin’ in the gloom.

The earth was dark and thunder rolled although it was high noon.

Creation groaned and strong men cried because God’s own dear Son–

In silence–and with love unknown for everyone had died.

The sin that nailed the Savior there belonged to you and me.

And God had turned His face away for sin He would not see.

The Savior cried, “Forgive them, God, they know not what they do.”

And as the blood and tears flowed down, He shouted, “It is through!”

The three days passed as He had said when He would rise again.

The Stone was rolled away and there was not a trace of Him.

For Death, the conquered foe, could ne’er hold such a One as He.

‘Twas MIGHTY GOD in human flesh Who rose again for me.

For forty days He walked the earth and shared His thoughts with men.

“As sheep among the wolves, ‘ He said, “I send you out again.”

To tell the world of hope in death and victory over sin.

The Holy Ghost shall be your power, your Comforter and Friend.