Rose-colored glasses for blog 4-5-17


Ever wonder how the expression “rose-colored glasses” come to be? It commonly  refers to a positive outlook or perspective, despite obvious flaws.

It originated with God. Since Creation, God has been viewing humanity through rose-colored glasses, i.e., glasses coated with the blood of Jesus, slain before the foundation of the world. (Rev. 13:8) God states He cannot look upon sin which pretty much taints all of  us; therefore, His passion to focus on His dear children-that’s us-warts and all, requires adjustment. He dons a pair of rose-colored glasses.

The blood of Jesus enables God to view us with our talents, our potential and our supreme value. He envisions His final workmanship in us, fully equipped for our destiny. Father God begs you to wear the same rose-colored glasses to filter out lies, and distortions that minimize, derail or hide your destiny.

Gazing at Calvary gives us rose-colored glasses. Meditate deeply about why He chose the Cross. Should your imagination stagger at the fact that you were the reason, ask God to enlarge and clarify your faith with His perspective.

Do you have a hard time seeing yourself through rose-coloured glasses?



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