What Is Uneven Faith?

Uneven faith lies in all believers, though we may be unaware of it. For instance, I may have no worries whatsoever about my finances, whether rich or poor, but I worry about my health. I may feel confident to minister at church but fight constant fears about my parenting. This is uneven faith. We forget that the God who sustains and equips us for making money or serving others is the same God Who gives grace in our weaknesses.

Uneven faith results from weighing our weaknesses and past failures when choosing what to believe. We end up believing more in our weaknesses than in God’s greatness, forgetting Paul’s declaration that God’s power is made perfect in weakness. Of course, this holds true only if we choose to prove it by our actions. We confess our inadequacy and thank God for His and then we get moving, affirming our faith step by step, without doubts or looking back. Strong faith falters when we defer to feelings while ignoring God’s facts.

Uneven faith also results from differing opportunities, experiences, and maturity. We may never have been tested in a certain area. God promises to never give us more than we can endure. He carefully times the challenges of faith according to our understanding, support, and level of faith. Until you’re flat in bed, unable to function normally, you have no occasion to think about your health as a faith issue. That applies to all areas: money, parenting, serving, retirement, etc. Change challenges our faith whether it’s a positive or negative change. Sudden prosperity can derail believers as easily as sudden loss or trauma. But, fear not.